While the CryptoPunksᵛ¹ still exist in their original form, so does the existing bug in the v1 contract! By using the new wrapper contract, your Punk token is removed from the original contract and the original is circumvented. The wrapper also conforms to the modern ERC-721 standard that allows trade on modern marketplaces such as Opensea and Looksrare. Unwrapped Punks that are put up for sale are vulnerable to the old bug and the Punk could be stolen! Note that the transfer function within the existing v1 contract still function normally.

Here is a link to the original CryptoPunksᵛ¹ contract:


How To Wrap Unwrapped CryptoPunksᵛ¹

Step 1:

First we go to the original contract: https://etherscan.io/address/0x6Ba6f2207e343923BA692e5Cae646Fb0F566DB8D#writeContract

You will see a button "Connect to Web3" with a red dot. Connect with MetaMask or WalletConnect.

Next, we make a PRIVATE sale to the wrapper contract address:

The top field is the Punk you want to wrap. For this example, the Punk ID is: 4684

The middle field is a price: put that to 0

The last field is the WRAPPER contract address: 0x282BDD42f4eb70e7A9D9F40c8fEA0825B7f68C5D

And then hit that blue "Write" button to complete.


Step 2:

Now we go to the new wrapper contract: https://etherscan.io/address/0x282bdd42f4eb70e7a9d9f40c8fea0825b7f68c5d#writeContract

Connect your MetaMask or WalletConnect again.

Now go to the wrap method:

The top field is the ETH to send. As we put 0 in the private sale, we put 0 here too. (Tip: Make sure to input 0, and not 0.0)

The bottom field is for your Punk ID again and hit that blue "Write" button to complete.

Voila! Your Punk is officially wrapped and good to go.

How to Unwrap from the Old Wrapper

We go to the @0xfoobar wrapper contract: https://etherscan.io/address/0xF4a4644E818c2843Ba0AAbEa93af6c80B5984114#writeContract

Connect your MetaMask or WalletConnect with the "Connect to Web3" button with a red dot.

Now go to the unwrap method:

Fill in your Punk ID number and hit that blue "Write" button to complete.

IMPORTANT: WAIT for the transaction to complete before you wrap your now-unwrapped Punk.

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