Resurgence of CryptoPunksᵛ¹

On December 13, 2021, a historical NFT collector named Leonidas released a timeline of Early NFTs on Ethereum on Twitter that included CryptoPunksᵛ¹ on it.

Several initial Cryptopunk claimers saw the timeline and realized that the Cryptopunks they held on the V1 contract might still be valuable.

This same week, completely separately, a claimant named Psyborg and a developer called FrankNFT had a discussion about the broken V1 contract and started discussing potential solutions. On the 14th December 2022 Psyborg challenged Frank to create a wrapper and offered up a Punk for when the volume hit 1000 ETH.

Over the following two weeks, ~100 CryptoPunksᵛ¹ were sold in private trades to individual collectors in the historical NFT community which revived the market around them and created interest amongst the historical NFT community.

On January 17, 2022 FrankNFT published a new updated Cryptopunks V1 wrapper which included more accurate metadata to make searching easier. This wrapper also discarded the "stripe" used in Foobar's prior wrapper and instead used a lavender background as the differentiator, the color having been decided on by a community vote on Discord. A private fee-less marketplace was also developed.

This kicked off a number of discussions around provenance and authenticity.


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