Licensing and Provenance

From current information, it seems that the only copyright license that Larva Labs has is this:, which is a very soft license. It was adopted in 2019 for the v2 CryptoPunks, and was never applied to the v1’s – as they were forgotten two years prior.
Larva Labs has never made any formal established license for their product outside of a single Discord post. The license also requires users to agree to the terms, which was never done when minting in 2017.
The original CryptoPunksᵛ¹ contract is immutably stored on the blockchain and can never be taken down. The pixellated 24x24 bit CryptoPunk art that we know and love today is identical between the V1 and V2 versions. The tokens for each contract are represented by the same image.
This is without dispute and the provenance of v1's cannot be ignored. CryptoPunksᵛ² are undoubtedly better known and currently more valuable, but they were the copy andCryptoPunksᵛ¹ were the original.
The topic of v1/v2 can sometimes be polarising and community members may have strongly held views. We as the v1 Punk community must do everything in our power not to make this a toxic rivalry. We are family, identical twins from the same developer.
As lovers of art, crypto, and community we are excited to be here and excited to see where this goes. Just like it's fine to own one or the other, it's also fine to own both or none. Our community is inclusive to everyone positive. We are all Punks.